After you are scanned, we process and post your 3D digital avatar. You can download & share
it with your friends on social media. 

The native .obj file is yours to keep. We can also provide rigging for 3D animation or other services. Feel free to drop us a line here to talk some shop. 


We call the 3D-printed figurines Misters. They are made of sandstone and the bases can be customized with names, dates, and graphics. 

Sizes range from 4.5 inches to 12 inches tall.
Pricing varies based on the desired size
and number of people.


Unfortunately, we are no longer taking bookings.

Our process is totally easy, painless and quick.


  1. Book here. Just choose a date and time and we’ll do the rest. We are available during regular business hours and can take evening or weekend appointments as well.

  2. Once you have booked an appointment, we will send you a follow up email with all the information you will need.

  3. When you arrive, one of our team members will be waiting at the gate to escort you to our suite. We reside in an artist collective, so there is plenty of incredible art to see during your visit.

  4. Strike a pose. The scan only takes one click, so you can do something dynamic or opt for a more traditional posture.

  5. Relax – it’s just like getting your picture taken except it’s much, much cooler.

  6. We’ll email you a link to your digital avatar. You can click and drag to zoom in and out, rotate and examine the intricate details of your small self. Sharing is caring – just click the button to throw your Mister on all your favorite social media.

  7. Your Mister will be printed and shipped to you as quickly as possible. Usually within 6-8 weeks, but we will keep you posted if it’s faster or slower.

  8. At any time during the process, feel free to drop us a line (support@mixed3d.com). We’re happy to make special arrangements or discuss augmenting your scan with custom 3D modeling or compositing. We want your Mister to be as awesome as you do and we’re more than happy to help. Plus, we’re nice people and we’d love to hear from you/answer your questions/tell you bad jokes.


We are Mr-3D. We offer custom, full-color 3D scans (avatars) and prints (figurines). We have an incredible, custom-designed booth and can scan and create lifelike avatars of you.


An array of over 100 cameras will capture you from every angle in one click. It’s so fast and easy, we can even scan kids and pets.


We email your 3D digital avatar to you to download + share with your friends & social media. We can animate your avatar and put you into augmented reality. 


We call the figurines Misters and they make great gifts. We can scan up to 2 people at a time and composite multiple scans together to create amazing family portraits.

Don & Shep 3D Print
Josh & Craw Halloween Print
Munchkin Mister
Fire Extinguisher 3D Print
Count Mister
Doc 3D Print
He Is Man Mister


Atlanta, GA

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Munchkin Mister

Frozen & Batman Mister